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Marilyn Dolle

Project: One, a stoneware relief sculpture, 4 ft. 10 in. x 6 ft. 10 in., mounted in a cedar panel

Site 7: Ellicott and Best Street (Grounds of Pilgrim Village)

One represents the strength, spirit and potential of women in the Americas. Strong, organic, graceful and curvilinear forms, with egg-like interiors represent the potential within each woman and fullness of spirit. Ms. Dolle constructed her stoneware relief sculpture using slab-building techniques. The clay was fired to the temperature known as cone 6 in an oxidation atmosphere, producing a metallic finish and fusing it to make it waterproof to withstand weathering.

Marilyn Dolle has exhibited her ceramic sculpture in group exhibitions in Ontario art galleries in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, and Barrie. Her work is influenced by early 20th-century psychoanalyst Carl Jung and his concept of sacred geometry.

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