Pan Am Public Art: Art Across Borders Artist

Carley Jean Hill

Project: Common Knowledge, a 3-tiered, circular earthen form inlaid with concrete triangular shapes/seats Proposed size: 1-8 ft. high x 14 ft. in diameter.

Site 2: Shoshone Park at Hertel Avenue and Main Street

People are invited "to sit and experience knowledge and understanding through communal interaction" on the triangular concrete forms. Each triangle has a word on its surface "to induce memory and recognition." Examples include "waiting, holding, finding, feeling, knowing, being" and such. Wooly thyme grows like a carpet between the forms, surrounding the entire earthen mound, creating an aromatic contemplative garden atmosphere.

Carley Jean Hill is working on her MFA in art, with a concentration in sculpture, at the University at Buffalo. Since 1992 she has worked at the Union Concrete and Construction Corporation.

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