pottery feb - apr 2005

...couldn't get into the throwing class, so I did handbuilding this time.


the wheels are right there, so I did some throwing anyway.

Landmarks this class were throwing an 11 lb bowl (previous high was 5.5 lb), and slab-building with nice smooth joints that didn't pop.

This class may not look as productive, but I did a lot of experimenting that got thrown out.

I didn't buy any clay. This is all recycled.


Eleven pound bowl with smaller sibling. This set is a wedding present for friend Stephanie Leslie.


This is the only piece that had such dramatic glaze crawling. I though it was eerily appropriate for the dragon bowl.

I need to come up with a game that requires tiny clay leezards.

Anybody want to write the rules for it?

I'll make the leezards.

This canister was a marvel of slab building technology until the glaze fire - now the lid doesn't fit.












And you can't tell by this photo, but this purple/mauve thing is the butt ugliest article I've made in a long time. I can't decide if I should just throw it out, or put it out on the break table at work and see if someone can find it in their heart to take it home (and throw it out for me).










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