pottery may - july 2004

This is what I had until the next session started. The first thing I did was glaze everything from the last session, results below.


That's a little more to show for a whole session, but it's still less than I accomplished last spring (due to vacation and spending a lot of time at work this summer). I worked my way up to 2.5 lb bowls this session (from 1 lb). This next session, I'm working up to 3.5 lb bowls and making holiday gifts.


Detail of bowl insides. Mom carved and painted the two in the upper right when she was visiting in June. She also wiggled the edges of the purple one in the upper left.


Detail of outsides. You can see Mom's dragony carvings on those two on the right.


Close up of some of my dragony carving. Might be a theme...

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