ceramics may - july 2005

Summer is never very productive, and this summer, the pottery class filled before I could register. So I got into handbuilding instead.

This was a good opportunity to work on my sculpting of the human figure, since it may feature prominently in my May 2006 exhibit at the Madison Art Center.

Sorry about the colors. I took these at night with no natural light. I'll try to avoid that in the future.






Meh. The blue tray turned out okay but the glaze on the yellow is just dreck. The colors were supposed to blend...
ugly ugly ugly
We kept it anyway. Mark likes to put cheese on it.



And this tray I didn't even bother glazing. It slumped so much in the bisque fire that the middle hits the table. Still, I like my experimental feet.

And it made a nice inclined plane for my 'reclining nude'.




The urge to put a walnut on that vacant head is overwhelming...



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