The Milk of Human Kindness
Untitled group show '04

Untitled is a pretty sweet artist group in Nashville. They are unjuried and uncensored and run entirely by volunteers. They don't have a gallery. They crash at donated space for an evening - guerilla style, and tear down the same night.

My co-conspirators are Lynn Carter (left), and Rachel Hernandez-Hensley (center), who are also mainstays at the MAC (Madison Art Center). My favorite title for this piece is "Boobs for Peace." The boobs are made of mostly earthy materials - plaster, paper, sand, gravel.


Taki helped a lot. She found the super-secret lighting loft to take pictures from (left), and she helped clean up all the sand at the end of the reception. She's a sport.


Another picture of the artists, looking a little too pleased with themselves. Mom took this picture.


And here's the piece by itself. It was fun. Either Lynn or Rachel has all those boobs at their house, now. I don't know what they're going to do with them. I haven't asked.

Apologies for the lack of variety in the photos. IF LYNN WOULD GET ME HER PHOTOS, there would be some of the installation.