ceramics september thru november 2008


This is a different sort of firing than anything I've made before.

It's lower temperature and there are manipulations that are done by hand to the pieces during the firing process to produce interesting textures and colors.

Raku is more decorative than practical. The process leaves a finish too porous for use with foods or liquids.

For more on the process, go here.







The totem animals are for the baby's room. I might make harnesses to combine them into a mobile. Or I might get lazy and just leave them up on windowsills and doorframes around the room.



The bottle shape is a new one for me this class. It's tricky to get them to flare, then come back together to a small opening. I threw a few earlier attempts out without bothering to bisque fire.

Naked lady belly and butt.

See the raku process page for more about the horsehair effect. It's mucho cool.


Mark made Sven.

Taki made the kitty. Kawaii!

This is the original bunny. It's quite large and had to be hollowed out for firing. I scaled back after that for the totem collection.





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